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Because I couldn’t properly translate the ‘hood saying, “when you’re out of there” into white vernacular, how MyFavoriteWhites addition of Adam West aka Bruce Wayne aka Batman turned into an EPIC FAIL!
November 18, 2014, 9:47 am
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If you don’t have a white superhero like white Jesus or 007 you are out of there. In the hood, when you are out of there, there are no more opportunities for whatever you’re doing to succeed. Upon publishing this post and wanting to stress the importance of having someone white in your collection of important people or things that give you inspiration, I thought it necessary to define that importance by over emphasizing the worst in consequences that could be faced if the subject wasn’t obtained. Unfortunately, haste made me yield to the first expression I could come up with to communicate that importance and I couldn’t find a definition of it online to properly translate it to those readers who might not understand what it means.

Scarbeaux Creed

Even considering Carlton Banks (Alfonso Ribeiro, Fresh Prince of Bel Air) & Steve Urkel (Jaleel White, Family Matters) & beyond all the 4 Star white boys I’ve seen “acting & dressing black” and though I haven’t heard him talk yet Nick Cannon’s Conner Smallnut might already be MyFavoriteWhite of alltime!


“I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, it is something that God intended to happen.” Rep. Richard Mourdock, no matter how many times you hear him say it…..

“But, her saying: ‘I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be gentle to the retard’ is no reason to hate her,” I said a black friends who I believe really didn’t like GOP firebrnad Ann Coulter prior to the Debate; “But let’s get to the real reason you don’t like her,” I thought. “It’s because she’s never been on anybody’s 10 hottest blondes list.”

Top 10 Sexiest Blondes, Google query!

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MyFavoriteWhites: All Facebook Crackers; “Facebook crackers? If he (another one of my anti white friends who I’m trying to convince that whites are okay) hadn’t meant that in a racially slighting manner, that could become an endearing word coinage,” I thought. “Facebook Crackers. I like That.”

I just got a phone call from an anti white friend of mine who I’m trying to convince whites are okay complaining about my last post: AREN’T THESE GUYS GREAT! MARK ZUCKERBERG, JESSIE EISENBERG, ANDY SAMBERG & LORNE MICHAELS (MYFAVORITEWHITE JEWS?)

In it I acknowledge that after their SNL performance, Zuckerberg, Eisenberg, Samberg & Michaels became some of my favorite whites.

“They are just a bunch of fake Jew, Facebook crackers,” apparently after reading the post, this anti white friend bitterly scoffed!  Continue reading

Aren’t These Guys Great! Mark Zuckerberg, Jessie Eisenberg, Andy Samberg & Lorne Michaels (MyFavoriteWhite Jews?)
Aren’t these guys GREAT!

Turner News Sportscasting Nerd Ernie Johnson Jr.